If you’re going to spend time in the outdoors, you should spend some time ensuring that you find the right clothing for the situation. You may be new to hiking, hunting or fishing, so we would like to discuss good clothing for each of those activities. However, before we do that, we would like to share a general tip that you should keep in mind for all of them.

Consider the Season

Even though this article will talk about the right clothing for these different activities, you need to remember that you should always keep the season and weather in mind. For example, if you do any of these activities in the summer, then you will need to wear light clothing and maybe even shorts. But if it’s going to rain, then you will need a poncho.

Make sure that you always consider the weather and time of year to help you pick out the right clothing for each activity. This includes wearing short-sleeved shirts, having a coat ready and even wearing a hat to protect your face from the sun. So make sure that you apply this tip to the other activities as we offer you some advice.


Hiking is a very flexible activity, so you can usually wear light clothing, short sleeves and jeans when you go hiking. Some people may want to wear shorts and flip flops during this activity, but that isn’t a good idea. You never know if your leg will get cut or if you will step on something sharp, so you should always wear jeans and covered shoes when you hike.

If you live in an area with lots of mosquitoes, then you should also consider wearing a long-sleeved shirt during the hike. This will allow you to keep your skin covered so you don’t have to worry about as many bites. If you won’t have that much shade and you will be in the sun, then you should also wear a hat and maybe sunglasses.


Most hunters will wear camouflage based on the area that they are in and the time of year that they hunt. For example, you can purchase camouflage for summer, fall and winter settings based on the environment that you plan to hunt in. This also includes wearing a hat with that camouflage and wearing large boots to keep your feet safe.

Make sure that you look into the laws of your area before you hunt since some places require you to wear orange on your outfit. This is to make yourself identifiable to other hunters so they won’t mistake you for an animal. Due to this, you should spend some time researching what you need to wear based on the state or country that you live in.


If you plan to go fishing, then you definitely need to wear a hat while you do this activity. Fishing requires you to sit out in the sun, so you don’t want those rays to hit your face and neck the whole time. Luckily, fishing is less strenuous than hunting or hiking, so you could easily wear short sleeves and shorts without too much concern.

You should pack an extra set of clothes and shoes when you go fishing and you should consider wearing jeans depending on the weather. Since you’re next to water the entire time you will fish, you could accidentally fall into it. With this in mind, you should bring an extra pair of clothing and shoes so you have something to change into if you fall into the water.


You always need to wear the right clothing when you do any of these activities. Make sure that you pick something that will keep you safe, comfortable and allow you to have fun. If you keep these tips in mind, then you will be able to join in on these activities and not worry about your clothing while you spend some time outside.

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