Every game has its clothing type, and that’s also the case with martial arts. The clothing varies, and there are various things to look out for when choosing martial arts wears. They come in different sizes, fitting and with a unique sense of fashion and style.

Getting the right clothing can be a daunting task if you do not know how to go about it. It’s what you wear that makes you comfortable through the game, so you need to be careful when getting the right clothing for your martial arts games. Below are various things to consider.

A Uniform

Uniform is an essential element for your martial arts, and the right choice depends on the type of martial arts activity. The uniform comes in the specification to meet the proper discipline. Such include kickboxing or muay Thai for boxing students, as well as grappling and MMA.

The right choice depends on where you train, and some places have specifications on the appropriate outfit. It’s good to note that some outfits are better than others, and it would be ideal to consult with the instructor to help you get the right information and do research before time. The instructor will advise you on a suitable uniform that fits the rules of the gym.

Once you get the adequate information, choose the best quality to get a bang for your buck. For a comfortable stay during the activity, select a uniform that isn’t too tight or loose. Check the manufacturer’s size chart to make the appropriate choice.

Protective Gear

Making the right choice of a martial arts protective or sparring gear can be a challenging task. They come in various colors, materials, and styles. In most cases, when starting the martial arts, you will likely not use the gears since there will be no-contact training. However, even in this case, its deal to stay equipped and remain safe at all times.

Sparring gears come in various factors such as the material type, thickness, and also have different pros and cons. Some come in cotton, leather, and polyesters. Whatever choice you make, ensure that it fits your budget.

Staying safe should be your focus from day one, and that’s what makes you a smart martial art. Though it’s unnecessary to have the full set of protective gear, you can consider getting a mouthguard and a groin protector to stay safe from teeth and jaw injuries.

Once you get established in training, you’ll have to check out for the full pack of the sparring gear, such as chest protectors, headgears, and a shin guard. With this equipment, you’ll be sure of safety during competitions.

Additionally, the gears shouldn’t be too tight or too lose to help you stay comfortable through the activity. The weight also matters. Choose a gear that you’ll be comfortable making movement and easy to breathe.

A Belt

Many martial arts use belts, and the needs vary based on various factors. Different belt colors represent multiple ranks and the level of every student. In most cases, the beginners have white belts to give them a clear distinction of their beginner journey.

The belts also have various demands based on the discipline, just like the uniforms. Some are thicker than others. That’s why it is essential to establish the right information from the gym instructor before making a suitable choice.

Footwear and Gloves

In most cases, martial arts perform their activities with bare feet. However, some would need specific footwear during training. The most preferred is karate shoes, which provide comfort and protection on foot.

Get more insight from the instructor to help you choose based on whatever is appropriate for the gym. In some cases, you would find some martial arts using protective footwear in the place of sparring gear.

It’s also ideal for striking arts to have a pair of gloves to keep the hands safe and supported through the training. Getting a pair before your first will keep you comfortable as you train.


Choosing the right clothing for martial arts can be the most daunting task. You’ll need to do thorough research and have the correct information before making the final decision. Using the guide above will help you make the right choice and stay comfortable as you train.

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