Why is Forest Conservation Important?

Our planet’s forests take up a sizable chunk of Earth – about thirty-one percent, to be more exact. Forests and other natural habitats contribute more to the rest of the world than one might imagine. Humans depend on forests for some of the air we breathe and the other resources we use, like wood. While it’s obviously important to maintain and protect these areas for our future generations, a staggering amount of wild animals also depend on forests and conservation efforts to keep Read More

What is Forest Conservation?

Forest conservation is the general practice of working to protect and maintain the planet’s natural forested areas and other equally important habitats. The goals of conservation are to ensure a healthy forest ecosystem by minimizing human intervention and allowing the forest to thrive. It involves a level of upkeep that is not only beneficial to the forest and surrounding wildlife, but for future generations of any Earth-dwelling life. Forest conservation is also a constant effort to reverse the damage done to these systems Read More